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Name  |  dawatshering
Year of Birth  |  1989
Continent  |  Asia
Country  |  Bhutan
City  |  Thimphu
Languages spoken: Bhutanese, Nepalese, Hindi, Thai, Japanese, Spanish, English.
About me: Portrait Bhutan Tours and Travels is a REGISTERED tour operator under the aegis of Tourism Council of Bhutan TCB/OPR-15/309 and Regional Trade and Industry Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs / LICENSE NO: 1030400/ ISIC CODE-63040. The Agent is run by enthusiastic and experienced employees who has diverse educational qualifications. In addition to this, the employees has multi-dimensional cultural experiences acquired from their stay at Barcelona, Madrid, Panillo, Belgium, Brussels, Oslo, New Delhi, Paris and Bilbao.From Europe in the west to Asia in the east, Portrait Bhutan has employees who can share with you the experiences on how the French people love making cheese and how important are the historical remnants to the people at Prague. Don’t miss the FUN with Portrait Bhutan Tours and Travels.Be a part of us to make you serve better.

Accommodation: yes
I live with: parents, partner, child, alone,
Gender of guests: doesn't matter
Maximum number of guests: 9999999
Sleeping place(s): separate room, bed,
Food: free
Pets: You can bring your pets

Other information:

Places I would like to visit:
Places I have already visited:
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